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Photography Workshop

The Art Sexy Selfies

Selfies have the power to change the relationship we have with our erotic and emotional bodies

Need a hot pic to send a lover? Something a little naughty to get the mind turned on?! Feelin' yourself and just wanna drool over how hot you are?! 

Learn the art of sexy cellphone selfies! We'll go over some lighting, poses and angles to take your selfies to the next level. Perfect for exploring your body on that road to SELF LOVE. 

I'll show and talk about my own personal experience with selfies - noticing that I take more when I am in my full SENSUAL body. When I am full with PLEASURE I connect more easily with my body and have the desire to photograph and reflect back what I see. 

This is a perfect time for us to meet and break the ice before your personal photoshoot with me. Let's explore together!

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