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A picture of my mother ... my most prized possession.

A few months ago I was creating a wall of family portraits and realized I didn't have any pictures of my mother. The woman who raised me, my role model and #1 cheerleader.... I didn't have a single picture of her.... other than half hiding, being goofy or shielding herself from the camera. This had to be rectified IMMEDIATELY.

After some coaxing and deep conversations I learned she was in the same boat as a LOT of other woman. We don't feel worthy of having our picture taken. I mean there were a ton of excuses not to.... it's the same script: "I'm too fat, too old, too ugly, I have nothing to wear, what would I do with a picture of myself? Who would want a picture of me?!"

This last statement had me in tears.

Fast forward to today & my mother KNOWS just how valuable her legacy is. She is the cornerstone of our family and I am honored to photograph her.

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