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+50 & Fabulous

Rene's voice is soulful and velvety, she plays tennis 5 days a week and has an impeccable eye for fashion. She is +50 & fabulous and in the prime of her life.... I want to be Rene when I grow up :)

We met over the phone and hit it off immediately! Rene needed updated headshots ... she is a talented vocalist & performer. We met at a Starbucks to talk about our ideas, wardrobe and what type of clients she wanted to attract. I left our meeting inspired by her zest for life & eager to deliver a phenomenal experience.

Here is what Rene had to say:

"I am a professional vocalist and was in need of a photographer to take some photos and headshots for my new website. Rachel was highly recommended by a friend who is a photography professional. I contacted Rachel and felt an instant connection and explained that I wasn’t sure what I needed for photos for my new website. I quickly surmised that Rachel was an extremely gifted photographer and I could relax and rely on her to help craft the photos I would use on my website. Rachel met with me and gave me some inspiring ideas and suggestions with lighting and poses that would be perfect for a professional vocalist. Rachel had a vision and she emphasized the importance of branding, connecting me to my target audience and building credibility by utilizing the right photographs. The actual photo shoot was nothing short of amazing! Rachel professionally staged and directed me throughout the entire photoshoot. Our next meeting was to review all the photos she shot. The photos were simply stunning and of such high quality that I knew I had totally made the right decision to have Rachel do my photo shoot. I am beyond thrilled with the quality and professional nature of the finished product. My photo shoot was a huge success!"

Visit Rene's Website

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